Which part of England has the lowest crime rate?

What part of the UK has the lowest crime rate?

12 safest areas to live in the UK

  • Manchester (85 safety score)
  • East Riding of Yorkshire (80)
  • Stockport (79)
  • Trafford (77)
  • Barnet London Borough (75)
  • Cornwall (75)
  • Wigan (74)
  • Birmingham (73)

Which place in UK is safest?

Swindon, Luton and London share the title of the safest places to live and work in England, according to research; Hull is the most dangerous.

What are the bad parts of England?

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In England And Wales (Updated For 2019)

  • Greater London – 93.7.
  • Durham – 99.8.
  • Humberside – 101.7.
  • South Yorkshire – 102.5.
  • Lancashire – 102.6.
  • Kent – 107.8.
  • Cleveland – 109.5.
  • Northumbria – 110.4.

Which city in the UK has the most crime?

Elsewhere, Birmingham and London came second and third in the poll.

  • Cardiff has been ranked as the UK’s most dangerous city (Image: GETTY)
  • Edinburgh was deemed the most safe place to live (Image: GETTY)
  • London was in the bottom three for safety (Image: GETTY)

Where is the most depressing place to live in the UK?

On the flip side, Dudley was named the saddest place in the UK, with a happiness index score of 7.0. Nottingham and Dundee followed, scoring 7.1.

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Where should I live in England?

What are the best places to live and work in the UK?

  • Sunderland 1.
  • Leeds 2.
  • Aberdeen 3.
  • Milton Keynes 4.
  • Liverpool 5.
  • Derby 6.
  • Swindon 7.
  • Leicester 8.

Is England safe to live?

The UK is generally a safe place to live with low crime rates and trusted police forces.

What is the most hated city in England?

Survey results

Rank 2003 2013
1 Hull London
2 Cumbernauld Bradford
3 Morecambe Chipping Norton
4 Hythe Southampton

What is the ugliest town in the UK?

Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire has been voted the “ugliest” town in Britain. Completing the top three in the line-up are Luton in Bedfordshire and Slough in Berkshire. All the places were chosen by the public for their unattractive architecture and unappealing town centres.