Which is the best village to live in England?

Where is the best place to live rural UK?

The 18 best small towns in England to live in

  • Southam, Gloucestershire. Southam is located on the outskirts of Cheltenham and the picturesque Cotswolds. …
  • Epping, Essex. …
  • Windsor, Berkshire. …
  • Frome, Somerset. …
  • Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire. …
  • Arundel, West Sussex. …
  • Sevenoaks, Kent. …
  • St.

What is the nicest area to live in England?


  • Midlands: Stamford, Lincolnshire.
  • East: Woodbridge, Suffolk.
  • Southeast: Surrey Hills, Surrey.
  • Southwest: Frome, Somerset.
  • Scotland: North Berwick.
  • Wales: Usk, Monmouthshire.
  • London: Teddington, Richmond.
  • Northern Ireland: Holywood, Co Down.

What is the poshest town in the UK?

Virginia Water in Surrey had the highest average value of any town in England, with the average house price at approximately 1.3 million British pounds.

Which is the best county in England?

The full list of rankings can be found below

County % who like the county Rank
Dorset 92% 1
Devon 92% 2
Cornwall 91% 3
North Yorkshire 87% 4

Where is the best place to retire in England?

7 Best Places to Retire in the UK

  • Cumbria. Crime rate: 3rd lowest in the UK. …
  • Wiltshire. Crime rate: 6th lowest in the UK. …
  • Suffolk. Crime rate: 11th lowest in the UK. …
  • Lincolnshire. Crime rate: 12th lowest in the UK. …
  • County Durham. Crime rate: 16th lowest in the UK. …
  • Staffordshire. Crime rate: 21st lowest in the UK. …
  • Cornwall.
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Where should I live in UK?

25 best places to live in the UK

  • East Hertfordshire, East of England.
  • Fareham, South East.
  • Hart, South East.
  • Horsham, South East.
  • Maldon, East of England.
  • Selby, Yorkshire and The Humber.
  • Hambleton, Yorkshire and The Humber.
  • Babergh, East of England.

Where is the most depressing place to live in the UK?

On the flip side, Dudley was named the saddest place in the UK, with a happiness index score of 7.0. Nottingham and Dundee followed, scoring 7.1.

Where is the nicest cheapest place to live in UK?

Top 10 most affordable UK cities

  1. Londonderry. Average house price: £155,917. …
  2. Carlisle. Average house price: £163,232. …
  3. Bradford. Average house price: £164,410. …
  4. Stirling. Average house price: £208,927. …
  5. Aberdeen. Average house price: £205,199. …
  6. Glasgow. Average house price: £196,625. …
  7. Perth. Average house price: £203,229. …
  8. Inverness.

Where should I move to 2021?

The Best Countries to Move to in 2021:

  • Switzerland.
  • Spain.
  • Singapore.
  • Finland.
  • Canada.
  • New Zealand.
  • Australia.
  • Vietnam.