Which country has donated a Xmas tree to Scotland?

Which country donates a Christmas tree to Scotland every year?

After the Second World War, Norway decided to repay their British allies with a very special annual Christmas gift – a tree.

Who gives Edinburgh its Christmas tree?

Usually our city centre tree comes from Hordaland in Norway. When the tree arrived in 2017, the Lord provost explained the history behind the gift. He said: “The tree is gifted to the city by Hordaland County Council to mark the assistance provided by the Scots to Norway during WWII.

WHO donates Christmas trees?

The first suggestion will be the Salvation Army. Even if they can’t provide a free Christmas Tree to a family, the Salvation Army does operate Family Stores in most states. These are low cost thrift stores, and in some cases a gently used, artificial tree may be sold.

Is the capital of Norway?

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