Which best describes the peppered moths in England after the Industrial Revolution?

How do peppered moths after the industrial revolution show the process natural selection?

Explanation: During the industrial revolution with an increase in the burning of coal and production of soot, the black form of the peppered moth was dominate. Natural selection favored the black form in an environment that was polluted.

Why did the population of peppered moths in England change from light to dark after the industrial revolution produced a lot of pollution?

Why did the population of peppered moths in England change from the light variation to the dark variation after the Industrial Revolution? The soot from industrial revolution caused the light peppered moth to fly away, and only the dark variation was left.

How industrial melanism has affected moths?

The evolution of the peppered moth is an evolutionary instance of directional colour change in the moth population as a consequence of air pollution during the Industrial Revolution. The frequency of dark-coloured moths increased at that time, an example of industrial melanism.

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How does natural selection lead to adaptations of moth populations in a changing environment?

Natural selection will change the composition of a population by eliminating the poorly adapted. Examples are the peppered moth of England. … When the industrial revolution and burning of coal changed the environment, the Melanic or dark variation was better adapted. The population changed to being predominately melanic.

What caused natural selection among the peppered moths?

The natural selection of the peppered moth is a metamorphic event of a color change in the moth population. It was a result or aftereffect of air pollution during the Industrial Revolution. In result, lichens get killed and trees become darker that leads the natural selection of these months.

Why did the population of moths change *?

When the environment changed, due to pollution, the moth population shifted because light-colored moths became easier to see so they were eaten more often. Organisms that survive have a better chance of reproducing so the population continues to grow. Human actions affect other populations.

Which term best describes the change from more light-colored moths to Mote dark colored moths?

# The phenomenon is known as industrial melanism. # So, in polluted urban areas,the number of dark-colored peppered moths increased.

Why did the light-colored moths originally thrive in England?

Explanation: Before the Industrial Revolution, pollution levels where considerably lower and the peppered moths that posses lighter coloration find it easier to camouflage on the lichen covered trees of the English forests.