Where is the farthest point from the sea in the UK?

What is the furthest distance from the sea?

It is at a great-circle distance of 2,648 km (1,645 miles) from the nearest open sea – Baydaratskaya Guba to the north (Arctic Ocean), Feni Point to the south (Indian Ocean) and Bohai Wan to the east (Yellow Sea).

Which city is farthest away from the sea?

Ürümqi is a city in Western China that claims to be the most inland big city in the world. Definitely, it’s an interesting destination as it is so remote and consists of a unique mix of different cultures.

Where is the exact middle of the UK?

For more than 500 years Meriden, near Coventry has marked the traditional centre of England. However, the Ordnance Survey has calculated the exact geographical centre to be in a field at Lindley Hall Farm, in Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire.

Which UK city is furthest east?

Furthest east

Ness Point, also known as Lowestoft Ness, is Britain’s most easterly point. In Lowestoft, Suffolk, the point is marked with a large circular plaque called Euroscope, which indicates the distance to the other extremity points of Britain and various European destinations.

How far is Coventry from the sea?

Remember when you could go to the seaside just 13 miles from Coventry?

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