Where is the countryside in England?

Where is the most rural place in England?

Foula, Shetland Island, Scotland

Foula is the most remote inhabitable island in Britain, it has a population of less than 40 and is 20 miles west of Wells in the Shetland Islands.

Which UK County has the most countryside?

Top 5 counties – most grassland in the UK (km2)

  • Cumbria – 4676 km2
  • Dyfed – 4188 km2
  • Devon – 3962 km2
  • Powys – 3938 km2
  • North Yorkshire – 3256 km2

Does London have a countryside?

There’s rolling hills, woodland walks and grand houses tucked away in the Chilterns – a perfect patch of countryside on London’s doorstep.

Where is the nicest place to live in England?


  • North and Northeast: Ilkley, West Yorkshire.
  • Northwest: Altrincham, Cheshire.
  • Midlands: Stamford, Lincolnshire.
  • East: Woodbridge, Suffolk.
  • Southeast: Surrey Hills, Surrey.
  • Southwest: Frome, Somerset.
  • Scotland: North Berwick.
  • Wales: Usk, Monmouthshire.

Where should I live rural UK?

10 Cheapest Rural Areas to Live in the UK

  • Copeland, North West, £84,494.
  • Western Isles, Scotland, £93,170. …
  • County Durham, North East, £96,574. …
  • Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, £99,698. …
  • Carmarthenshire, Wales, £114,109. …
  • Highland, Scotland, £130,057. …
  • Allerdale, North West, £130,554. …
  • Shetland Islands, Scotland, £133,632. …
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What is a rural area in England?

The Classification defines areas as rural if they fall outside of settlements with more than 10,000 resident population. … When data are not available at a small enough geographical scale, it may be possible to apply the Rural-Urban Local Authority Classification.

What’s the biggest village in the UK?

Several places claim to be the largest village in England. This title is disputed as there is no standard definition of a village as distinct from a town and ‘largest’ can refer to population or area.


Village Kidlington
Ceremonial county Oxfordshire
Population 2011 Census 15,046
Area (km²) 9.12

What is the English countryside like?

Britain’s countryside is blanketed with rolling green hills, medieval villages, farm-to-table pubs and estates fit for royalty. Areas like the Cotswolds, Somerset and Sussex serve as wonderful weekend getaways, perfect for escaping the hustle of city life.

How would you describe the British countryside?

It would be cliche to describe the English countryside as “quaint”, “charming” or “picturesque” – but there really is a reason why these words are used over and over again.