Where do Beefeaters live in the Tower of London?

Does anyone currently live in the Tower of London?

The Tower of London, the ancient fortress on the Thames that consists of not one but 20 towers, is home to 54 families who live in a close-knit community within the confines of the moat, today covered with grass. … Mandy, 17, is the youngest of their four children and still lives at home.

How much is a beefeater paid?

Employed by Historic Royal Palaces, you can expect a salary of around £30,000 and accommodation in the Tower for you and your family – but you do have to pay rent (and council tax!) for the privilege, and it isn’t subsidised.

Do Beefeaters pay rent?

The corps of 37 Beefeaters, including at least two women, work at the tower and live on site with their families. The guards pay rent and other bills and even have access to their own private pub known as the Yeoman Warders Club, where they take turns working at the bar.

How many pubs were there in the Tower of London?

The Yeomen Warders, who are known colloquially as the “Beefeaters”, are the guards of the Tower of London; as of 2020 there were 37 Beefeaters.

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