What was the weakness of the British troops at the start of the war?

What was a British weakness at the start of the war?

2. List two weaknesses of the British at the start of the war. * Sending troops and supplies from Britain to America was slow and costly. The British were not passionate about defeating the rebels, and they had poor military leadership.

What were the weaknesses of the Continental Army at the start of the war?

List three weaknesses of the Americans at the start of the war. The Continental Army was very small and always short of soldiers. Few Americans were trained for battle. The army was plagued by shortages of guns, gunpowder, food, and uniforms.

What was a weakness of the British troops?

One major disadvantage or weakness of the British army was that it was fighting in a distant land. Great Britain had to ship soldiers and supplies across the Atlantic, which was very costly, in order to fight the Revolutionary War.

What are the British weaknesses?

What were the disadvantages of the British? The British fought a war far from home. Military orders, troops, and supplies sometimes took months to reach their destinations. The British had an extremely difficult objective.

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What were three weaknesses of the Continental Army?

There were poor roads, the people in charge of delivering the supplies were not always honest, and ships had difficulties getting around British blockades.

What were the struggles of the Continental Army?

The Continental Army also faced many disadvantages, such as a constant shortage of money, weapons, gun powder, food, clothing and medicine.

Why was it hard for the British to replace troops and supplies?

Why was it hard for the British to replace troops and supplies? Their homeland was far away. They made the Loyalists angry. Parliament would not pay them.

What was a strength of the British military at the start of the war?

At the beginning of the war, British forces outnumbered Continental forces; for example, British general William Howe’s expeditionary force in 1776 numbered 32,000, compared to American general George Washington’s force of less than 20,000. Britain’s navy was the biggest and strongest in the world.

What advantages and disadvantages did the British have in fighting the colonists?

At the beginning of the American Revolution, the British seemed to have all the advantages. They had the strongest navy in the world.

Patriot Advantages Patriot Disadvantages
Fighting to protect their homes No regular army
Fighting against mercenaries (Hessians) Lack of weapons and ammunition