What was the population of Britain in 1801?

What happened to the 1801 census?

From 1801, the census has been published every ten years with the only exception being 1941, the census not being taken due to the Second World War. Up until 1911 the census returns are to be found published as Parliamentary Papers.

Is there a 1921 UK census?

The United Kingdom Census 1921 was a census of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland that was carried out on 19 June 1921. It was postponed for two months from April due to industrial unrest and no census was taken in Ireland due to the Irish War of Independence.

What was the population of England in the 1500s?

In 1500 the population of England was about 3 million.

What was the population of England in 1776?

Populations of Great Britain and America

Population of the United States
State 1775
Massachusetts 276,125 280,720
New Hampshire 80,644 81,300
New Jersey 125,781 134,813

What was the population of Britain in 1760?

1715-1760. By 1715 the population of London had reached around 630,000; rising to approximately 740,000 by 1760. Population growth in this period was not, however, evenly spread.

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What did the 1851 census reveal?

The 1851 census was the first to record each person’s marital status and relationship to the head of the household, as well as details of disability being recorded — with a field for recording the information that an individual was “blind, deaf or imbecile”.

What was the population of the UK in 2021?

The current population of the United Kingdom is 68,359,586 as of Sunday, October 31, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

What was the population of Britain in 1840?

For example, in 1680 the population of Britain was about 6.5million, or 7.6 per cent of the west European total of about 86 million. Yet in 1840 the British share had risen to 10.5 per cent (18.5 million out of a total of 177 million).

What was the population of the UK in 1861?

Population of the British Empire

The 1861 census was the first national census to make an attempt at arriving at a population figure for the British Empire. The figures arrived at were 9,496,669 (British Colonies) and 135,571,351 (British India).