What was the average wage in Britain in 1960?

What was the average wage in 1963 UK?

Manual Workers (Average Weekly Earnings)

April, 1958 253 36
April, 1962 312 68
October, 1962 (the latest available) 317 70
January, 1963 31

What was the average wage in 1962 UK?

The average yearly pay was £799 compared with £22,939. A loaf of white bread which would cost around 55p now would then have cost on average 11.5d (4.5 p). A pint of milk would have set you back 1 shilling 4d (6.5p) compared with 40p on average today.

What was the average wage in 1950 UK?

The new figures, revealed by the LibDems, showed that in 1950, the average full-time weekly wage was worth £7.08 (equivalent to £499 in today’s money) while the basic weekly state pension was £1.36 (£91.65). Last year the average wage had climbed to £549.80, but the pension was just £87.30.

What was the average wage in 1970 UK?

With the benefit of 34 years’ hindsight, life in 1970 appears to have been ludicrously cheap. A loaf of bread cost 9p and the average weekly wage was around £32. Today, a loaf costs 53p and weekly wages are about £475. Property prices have also risen.

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How much did a house cost in 1960 UK?

In 1960s the average house price was just £2,530, compared to a staggering £250,772 today.

What was a good salary in 1965?

According to estimates released today by the Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce, the average (median) income of families in 1965 was $6,900, a gain of about $310, or 5 percent, over 1964.

What was the average UK wage in 1964?

In 1964 the average pay of male workers in industry was £17 12s. Women lagged well behind, earning an average of only £8 16s 4d. Farm work was poorly paid for men as well as women. In 1962 the average pay for a farm worker was just £8 15s per week.

What was average wage in 1964?

In terms of constant (1964) dollars, median family income increased from about $4,200 in 1947 to $6,600 in 1964, a rise of about $140 a year. See Monthly Labor Review, February 1965, Vol.

What was the average wage in 1967 UK?

Average Employment Income

Country or County Average employment income (excluding wives’ earnings
Nos. 56 and 57 (£ p.a.)
United Kingdom 877.4
England 890.3
Wales 843.8

What was the average UK wage in 1952?

This has, of course, been reflected in average wages. In 1952 men earned an average £9 a week, and women received just £5. Today, it has increased to an average weekly wage of £495 for men and £318 for women.