What was life like in England during the Elizabethan era?

What was life like for the poor in Elizabethan England?

Life for the poor in Elizabethan England was very harsh. The poor did not share the wealth and luxurious lifestyle associated with famous Tudors such as Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and non-monarchs such as Sir Francis Drake. Unlike today, there was no Welfare State to help out those who had fallen on hard times.

What was life like in Elizabethan England kids?

Children were subservient to the adults in the family. They were raised to respect and obey their parents. Infant mortality was high during the Elizabethan era so the children of the family were cherished. They were given toys to play with – dolls, toy soldiers, hobby horses and the like.

What was life like in Shakespeare’s England?

During Shakespeare’s time, people’s lives were often short. As many as one-half of the children born never lived beyond fifteen years and, thus, never reached adulthood. Also, the average lifespan of an adult was only thirty years. These short lifespans were due to the limited medical knowledge.

What were jobs like in the Elizabethan era?

Labourers. The labouring class was the lowest of the time. People in this class generally worked long, hard days. People in this group included day labourers, retailers that did not own land and almost anyone who worked with his/her hands, like artisans, carpenters and brick masons.

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What did Elizabeth I eat?

Her diet is painfully monotonous, following the same daily formula: tea and cereal for breakfast, protein and veggies for lunch and dinner, with an afternoon tea sandwich snack break. She abstains from all breads, pastas, and starches.

What did Elizabethan London look like?

London was an overcrowded city of narrow, cobbled streets. The streets were lined by tall buildings with thatched roofs, high chimneys and overhanging first floors. They had no drainage and no sewage system. Instead, people threw the contents of their chamber pots out of their windows.

What was marriage like in Elizabethan England?

Marriages were frequently arranged so that both families involved would benefit. Marriages would be arranged to bring prestige or wealth to the family – a surprising fact is that young men were treated in a similar way as to women. Many couples would meet for the very first time on their wedding day.

What was life like in the Elizabethan era for the rich?

Historians often depict it as the golden age in English history. rich people’s life was pretty good in elizabethan england. they would enjoy like as much as they can and would get the best and most highest quality of food, furniture, houses and services.