What was life like during the British Empire?

What was life like for people in the British Empire?

The range of people living in the Empire ranged from those among the richest on the planet to those among the poorest It incorporated those who ruled from palaces down to those forced into Slavery. For life on the Slave Plantations please see the pages on Plantations and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

How did the British Empire affect people’s lives?

Through the history of the British Empire, millions of people travelled huge distances across the world, some forced, and others looking for new opportunities. … The British repeated this process many times, shifting workers to where they were needed. African slaves were transported to the Caribbean.

Why the British Empire was a bad thing?

On the downside, people living in countries taken into the Empire often lost lands and suffered discrimination and prejudice. Countries in the Empire were also exploited for their raw materials. Slavery was another negative because despite the enormous profits made, the suffering of the slaves was terrible.

What good things did the British Empire do?

The British empire brought many changes to many people and many countries. Some of these changes involved innovations in medical care, education and railways. The British empire fought to abolish slavery in the 1800s, but it profited from slavery in the 1700s.

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Did the British Empire have a good impact?

The British empire has had a huge impact on the world. The majority of former colonies still keep their ties with Britain through the Commonwealth. Today, North America and Australia are very similar to Europe in a lot of ways. Many countries around the world now have multi-cultural populations.

How did the British Empire help Britain?

These colonies would provide England with valuable materials, like metals, sugar and tobacco, which they could also sell to other countries. The colonies also offered money-making opportunities for wealthy Englishmen and provided England’s poor and unemployed with new places to live and new jobs.

What good did British do to India?

So let’s take a look at 7 Good Things The British Did For India And Indians!

  • English language. The reason they taught English to the Indians was to have an ease of administration. …
  • Indian Railways. …
  • Army. …
  • Vaccination. …
  • Social reforms. …
  • India census. …
  • Surveying India.