What was it like to live in Whitechapel London 1888?

What was it like to live in Whitechapel?

Life in the Whitechapel slums

Not just limited to poverty and crime rates, Whitechapel was so overcrowded in its poorer areas, up to two or three entire families would often be crammed into some one small room just because they couldn’t afford to pay rent anywhere else.

Why was Whitechapel a difficult place to live?

Whitechapel was one of London’s poorest districts in the 19th century. It had great problems with gangs, homelessness, immigration and crime. London was a heavily polluted city. The wind would carry smoke and gas fumes that cause health problems.

What were the biggest problems in housing in Whitechapel?

In Whitechapel, over 200 common lodging houses were created to house the 8,000+ “homeless and destitute” people per night. Apart from overcrowding, conditions in these shared houses were atrocious; one of the most predominant issues was the lack of proper ventilation and sanitation.

What happened London 1888?

31 August – Whitechapel murders: the mutilated body of London prostitute Mary Ann Nichols is found, perhaps the first victim of Jack the Ripper. … Whitechapel murders: The mutilated body of London prostitute Annie Chapman is found. She is considered to be the second victim of Jack the Ripper.

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Is Whitechapel a bad area?

Yes, it’s safe, and it’s perfectly fine to walk around in the evenings. It can be quite busy – and at times that can mean a lot of people drinking. It’s not the most beautiful part of London, but it’s a good location, in terms of transport and proximity to fun areas such as Shoreditch.

What was the population of Whitechapel in 1888?

900,000 People lived in the East End, a quarter of million of which were based in Whitechapel, and 15,000 of those residents were classed as homeless.

What problems did immigrants face in Whitechapel?

The Irish had a reputation for being drunk and violent. Most Irish were poor and could only afford to live in the cheapest areas, such as Whitechapel. The Irish were associated with terrorism were thought of as Fenians. At that time Ireland was ruled by Britain and Fenians wanted home rule (Ireland ruled by Ireland).

Why was crime a problem in Whitechapel?

Theft was the most common crime in urban areas during the late 19th century. This was also true in Whitechapel in the late 19th century. Many thefts took place in crowded areas such as rookeries. Overcrowding and poor lighting made theft easier from criminals to commit.