What was Gandhiji believe about the British system of education?

What did Mahatma Gandhi believe about education?

According to Gandhi, “An education, which does not teach us to discriminate between good and bad, to assimilate the one and eschew the other, is a misnomer”. Gandhi said that education is the potent weapon to liberate human beings from all vices.

What were the views of Gandhiji about English education?

Mahatma Gandhi was never opposed to the English education. He himself is a learned lawyer and used to speak fluent English. He believed that educating students with English language is necessary to compete in international level but he also supported the idea of encouraging regional languages too.

Why did Gandhiji citizen the British education system?

He wanted the value system and life style of the British Raj to be done away with and totally replaced by a simpler, more spiritual, communal life. This new type of society, reflecting the old values of pre-colonial days, was to be based on the village. He stated that: [I]ndependence must begin at the bottom.

Why was Gandhi against colonial education?

Mahatma Gandhi felt that colonial education had enslaved Indians and created a sense of inferiority in the minds of Indians. It made them see Western civilisation as superior, and destroyed the pride they had in their own culture. … Gandhiji felt that English education made Indians strangers in their own lands.

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Why did Gandhi oppose English education in India?

Mahatma Gandhi opposed western education because it created a sense of inferiority in the minds of Indians . It made them see the western people as superior and themselves as inferior . It destroyed their self respect and the dignity that they had toward their country .

Why did Gandhiji introduce basic education in India?

The aim of Gandhiji’s basic education was to educate the students on crafts which would enable them to solve the problems of their livelihood and at the same time develop qualities of good citizenship.

Why was Mahatma Gandhi opposed to the education system prevalent during the British rule what kind of education he proposed and why?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi was against western education. He felt that such an education was not rooted in the reality of India. He wanted an education that would help Indians take pride in their past. He valued practical knowledge more than learning from books.

What type of education did Mahatma Gandhi wanted in India?

Mahatma Gandhi wanted an education that could help Indians recover their sense of dignity and self-respect. Mahatma Gandhi -strongly was in favour of Indian languages to be the medium of teaching. Education in English crippled Indians and distanced them from their own social surroundings.