What was Britain’s greatest advantage over the United States in the Revolutionary War?


What was one of Britain’s advantages during the revolution quizlet?

One advantage the British had was that they had Superior Financial Resourses. Another advantage they had was that had a good experienced, well disaplined, equiped army. Name 2 disadvantages the Americans had during the Revolutionary War. They had a poorly trained, loosly discaplined army.

Who had the advantage in the American Revolutionary War?

At the beginning of the American Revolution, the British seemed to have all the advantages. They had the strongest navy in the world. They had an experienced, well-trained army, and a worldwide empire. They also had a larger population (8 million vs.

What were two military advantages Britain had over the colonists?

What were two great military advantages Britain had over the colonists? They had the most powerful navy in the world, which they used to transport troops and supplies, and to set up blockades. The British also strengthened their army by hiring mercenaries- soldiers who serve another country for money.

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What were the British advantages?

Britain’s military was the best in the world. Their soldiers were well equipped, well disciplined, well paid, and well fed. The British navy dominated the seas. Funds were much more easily raised by the Empire than by the Continental Congress.

What are some advantages the Americans had over the British in the War quizlet?

The patriots advantages included fighting on their home ground; fighting for the freedom of their own land, which gave them an advantage over the hired Hessians of the British army; and their brilliant leader George Washington.

What was one of the British greatest strengths at the onset of the American Revolution?

One of the major advantages of the British army was that it was one of the most powerful and experienced armies in the world. During the previous 100 years, the British army had defeated many powerful countries in war, such as France and Spain, and seemed almost unbeatable.

What advantages did America have over Britain?

British soldiers were fighting because it was their job, while Americans were fighting for freedom. Another advantage the colonists had was the fact that American forces were fighting on their own ground. They knew the terrain, roads, mountain passes, and swamp lands of the colonies.

What advantage did the British have in fighting the war?

They excelled in large battles fought by a mass of troops on open ground. They also had far more experience firing artillery than Americans had. The British forces were well supplied, as well. Unlike the pitifully equipped Continental army, they seldom lacked for food, uniforms, weapons, or ammunition.

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What was the greatest British advantage and the greatest patriot advantage in the American War for Independence?

What was Britain’s greatest advantage over the United States in the Revolutionary War? the british had lots of weapons and were very well supplied. most support in the colonies still went out to the british. having george washington as their leader was probably their greatest advantage.

What was the greatest strength for the American colonies?

One strength was the patriotism of their people. Many colonists willingly gave their lives to defend their liberty, homes, children, families, and friends. Without this strong support, the American war effort would have crumbled in just a few months.