What types of writing did the Puritans produce?

What are the four main types of writing the Puritans wrote?


  • Sermons.
  • Historical narrative.
  • Poetry.

What type of literature did Puritans read and produce?

Puritans placed a high value upon personal Bible study and consequently highly valued literacy. They produced a significant collection of literature themselves in three main genres: sermons, diaries, and poetry.

What were the most common forms of writing for the Puritans?

Diaries and histories were the most common forms of expression in Puritan society; in them writers described the workings of God.

Which literary work best represents the Puritan style of writing?

Terms in this set (8) Bradford wrote Of Plymouth Plantation in the style we now know as Puritan Plain.

How did Puritans influence American literature?

Puritanism in American Literature The Puritans had a large influence in American literature and still influence moral judgment and religious beliefs in the United States to this day. Puritan writing was used to glorify God and to relate God more directly to our world.

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What were the major themes in colonial and Puritan literature?

Set in colonial America, the novel is rich in allegory and includes themes around revenge, sin, and guilt. Discover the main characters and plot of the novel, and explore examples of allegory and symbolism that are used in the Scarlet Letter.

What were the major themes in colonial and Puritan literature quizlet?

Terms in this set (26)

  • Basic Puritan beliefs (TULIP) (1) Total depravity (2) Unconditional election (3) Limited Atonement (4) Irresistible grace (5) Perseverance of the “saints”
  • Total depravity. …
  • Unconditional election. …
  • Limited atonement. …
  • Irresistible grace. …
  • Grace. …
  • Perseverance of the saints. …
  • The Function of Puritan Writers.

What is plain style writing?

Plain style is reader-friendly because it’s clear, concise, and precise; it uses short, action-driven sentences free of jargon to make language accessible and easy to understand.

Why did the Puritans adopt a plain style of writing?

Why did the Puritans adopt a plain style in their writing? They had sworn off the idolatry and showmanship of the Church of England. … They felt that simple writing was better for simple minds.

What are the elements of Puritan poems?

Puritan poetry was guided by strict codes and rules as was any Puritan writing. Themes had to be focused and were only relevant in so- far-as they referred to the glory of God. Anything not linked to God and worship was frowned upon. Reading the Bible was expected and novels strictly forbidden.

How do you write a Puritan poem?

Use short, simple diction. Have a meaning that is clear and directly stated. Be at least 14 lines long. Be typed or handwritten neatly.

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What is Puritanism in English literature?

Puritanism is behaviour or beliefs that are based on strict moral or religious principles, especially the principle that people should avoid physical pleasures. [disapproval] …the tight-lipped puritanism of the Scottish literary world. Synonyms: strictness, austerity, severity, zeal More Synonyms of puritanism.

What are the literary characteristics of the Puritan age?

Literature of the Puritan Age was Characterised by a spirit of sombreness and pensiveness. In keeping with the religious ideals and political standards of the Puritans; religious verse, theological tracts and political treatises replaced romantic poetry.