What two sides faced off in the English Civil War?

What were the two sides of the English Civil War quizlet?

(1642-1651) Armed conflict between royalists and parliamentarians, resulting in a victory of Pro-Parliament forces and the execution of Charles I.

Which side surrendered in the English Civil War?

Parliament’s victory at Naseby in June 1645 proved to be the decisive engagement. This ‘First Civil War’ ended with the surrender of the Royalist headquarters at Oxford in June 1646.

Which of the following best describes the English Civil War?

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Question Answer
What statement describes the English Civil War best? It led to political change.
The Restoration refers to? The reestablishment of the monarchy.
What was a result of the Glorious Revolution? The Protestants William and Mary replaced the Catholic James II.

What were the causes of the English Civil War quizlet?

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  • The people were becoming Protestant and the Stuart family remained Catholic. Causes.
  • Oliver Cromwell defeated Charles I and abolished the monarchy, the people felt he was too ridged and brought the monarchy back. Events.
  • Anglican Church became the established church but other religions were tolerated.
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