What major works did Chaucer write in Middle English?

Why was the Canterbury Tales written in Middle English?

More than any of Chaucer’s other works, the Tales validated the use of Middle English in vernacular writing as it brought the characters and their stories to life. Popular fiction of the Middle Ages was written in French verse before Chaucer elevated Middle English poetry to the same height of popularity.

Did Chaucer influence the development of the English language?

He helped found the English vernacular tradition.

Chaucer proved that literature written in English could be every bit as beautiful, enjoyable, complex, and profound as literature written in a supposedly “better” language.

What are the contribution of Chaucer to English literature?

Chaucer is known for his metrical innovations. He invented Rhyme Royal stanza pattern which is a seven lined stanza in iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme of ababbcc. He was also one of the first to use blank verse for his poetry with only a few anonymous short works using it before him.

How many works did Geoffrey Chaucer write?

Geoffrey Chaucer wrote around 14 books that we know of at this time. Some were novels, others were poetry, and at least one discussed a scientific…

What social classes did Chaucer write?

The five groups were Royalty, Nobility, Church, Merchants, and Peasantry. However, the nobility and clergy were often interchangeable.

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