What items are made in Scotland?

What products are produced in Scotland?

Economy of Scotland

Export goods Fish, Confectionery, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Scotch Whisky, Textiles, Timber, Water
Main export partners Rest of the UK 60% WTO Rest of the World 21% EU European Union 19% United States £5.5 bn France £3.0 bn Netherlands £2.8 bn Germany £2.5 bn Belgium £1.3 bn

What products is Scotland famous for?

Scotland is famous for its top-quality gifts and souvenirs that include single malt whisky, cashmere clothing, crystal homeware, Heathergems jewellery, clan memorabilia and Arran fragrances.

What can you get only in Scotland?

5 Things You Can Only Buy In Scotland

  • Authentic Kilts. People adore the Scottish kilt. …
  • Scottish Tea. The only place that you can buy authentic Scottish tea is in Scotland itself. …
  • Scottish Heather Honey. Scottish heather honey from the Highlands is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. …
  • Quaich.

What is Scotland’s number 1 export?

Scotland’s top 5 goods export categories in 2018 were: (1) Petroleum products & related materials (£11.5 billion); (2) Beverages (£4.3 billion); (3) Power generating machinery & equipment (£2.6 billion);

What is Scotlands biggest export?

Figure 7 shows the value of manufacturing sector exports in 2018. Food and Drink exports were the most valuable manufacturing export from Scotland in 2018 at £10.1 billion. Computer, electronic and optical products exports fell by £4.0 billion, or 60%, between 2002 and 2018.

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What food can you only buy in Scotland?

Five foods only found in Scotland

  • Tattie scone. A tattie scone is a staple of a fry up. …
  • Tablet. Tablet and fudge look pretty much the same—and the basic ingredients are identical—but tablet is a little bit rougher and crumblier on the tongue. …
  • Lorne sausage. …
  • Butteries. …
  • Ecclefechan tart.

What foods do Scotland export around the world?

Salmon. Scottish salmon is both Scotland’s and the UK’s top food export.