What is the most common river name in the UK?

Why Are So Many rivers called Derwent?

The name Derwent has Celtic origins and means valley of oak trees. … The River Derwent in Cumbria, along with it’s tributaries, are renowned for their game fishing, especially salmon.

What are the names of the 3 main rivers found in England?

The longest river in the UK is the river Severn, just 220 miles in length It begins in Wales and enters the Atlantic Ocean near Bristol in England. Other major rivers include the Thames, which flows through Oxford and London, and the Trent and Merseyrivers, which drain rainfall from large areas of central England.

What are the names of the rivers in England?

The Top 20 Rivers of England

  • The River Thames.
  • East Lyn River.
  • River Wye.
  • River Trent.
  • River Itchen.
  • River Severn.
  • River Tyne.
  • River Dart.

What is the name of a Cumbrian river?

Rivers in Cumbria

Name Tributary to
River Leith River Lyvennet > River Eden
River Leven (Cumbria) Morecambe Bay
River Liza Ennerdale Water > River Ehen
River Lowther River Eamont > River Eden

What are the 6 major rivers in the UK?

Major Rivers in the UK by Length

River Miles
3 River Trent 185
4 River Great Ouse 143
5 River Wye 135
6 River Ure/River Ouse, Yorkshire 129
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Is the River Thames the longest river in the UK?

What is the UK’s longest river? … Textbooks tell us the River Severn is the longest – at 220 miles (354km), and the River Thames slightly shorter at 215 miles (346km) long.