What is the most British girl name?

What are some popular British girl names?

Olivia, Sophia, and Charlotte are popular in both the UK and the US. Along with Sophia and Charlotte, other British girl names in the US Top 1000 include Alice, Annabel, Clementine, Esme, Gracie, Matilda, Ruby, and Zara.

What is a common English girl name?

Top 100 girls’ names 2017

1. Olivia 26. Willow 51. Harriet
2. Amelia 27. Matilda 52. Emma
3. Isla 28. Elsie 53. Thea
4. Ava 29. Ruby 54. Eleanor
5. Emily 30. Scarlett 55. Penelope

What is a good UK name?

  • Mason.
  • Jackson.
  • Harper.
  • Jack.
  • Avery.
  • Wyatt.
  • Carter.
  • Grayson.

Is England a girl name?

The name England is a girl’s name. Most parents would prefer London for their daughters.

What are cute British names for a girl?


  • Amelia.
  • Olivia.
  • Emily.
  • Isla.
  • Ava.
  • Jessica.
  • Ella.
  • Isabella.

Is Oliver a girl name?

Oliver is a masculine given name of Old French and Medieval British origin.

What are the top 10 prettiest girl names?

Top Baby Girl Names

  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Ava.
  • Charlotte.
  • Sophia.
  • Amelia.
  • Isabella.
  • Mia.
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