What is the meaning of calm in English?

What is a meaning of calm?

calm, peaceful, and tranquil mean quiet and free from disturbance. calm is used when someone is not excited or upset even when there is cause for it. They stayed calm during the fire.

What does calm mean in a person?

1. adjective. A calm person does not show or feel any worry, anger, or excitement. She is usually a calm and diplomatic woman.

What are two synonyms for calm?

synonyms for calm

  • cool.
  • harmonious.
  • low-key.
  • mild.
  • placid.
  • serene.
  • slow.
  • smooth.

What does I’m calm mean?

adj. 1 almost without motion; still.

Is it good to be calm?

When you practice staying calm and avoiding stress, you will get better quality of sleep. Good quality sleep has so many health benefits including a better immune system, better mood, increases productivity, improves memory, and many more. Staying calm changes your perspective of life.

How do you say someone is calm?


  1. calm. adjective. used about the way someone talks or behaves.
  2. relaxed. adjective. calm and not worried.
  3. cool. adjective. calm and relaxed.
  4. composed. adjective. calm and relaxed.
  5. nonchalant. adjective. relaxed and not worried about anything.
  6. laid-back. adjective. informal calm and relaxed.
  7. at ease. phrase. …
  8. easygoing. adjective.
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How do you use the word calm?

Calming sentence example

  1. His voice had a calming effect on Cynthia. …
  2. Her presence would have the same calming effect on Dusty, who was the most wound-up man Jule knew.

What is the opposite calm?

Antonym of Calm

Word. Antonym. Calm. Excited, Panic. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What means calm still?

Sounds calm. Some synonyms of the adjective calm are peaceful and even-tempered. As a verb, it describes making someone steady and still — in other words, calm. … As a noun, calm is a state of peace or stillness — the calm of your neighborhood at daybreak or the calm you seek when you exercise.

Is there a word Calmful?

calm +‎ -ful, from the noun calm.