What is the longest straight road in the UK?

What is the longest stretch of straight road?

Where is the longest straight road in the world?

Road Length
1 Highway 85 1.116km (693mi)
2 Highway 10 255km (158mi)
3 Lagerenza-Estigarribia 207km (128mi)
4 ND-46 W 194km (121mi)

What is the second longest road in the UK?

British A-roads over 100 miles long

Rank Number Distance
1 A1 146 miles
2 A38 137 miles
3 A30 130 miles
4 A6 129 miles (now shorter)

How long is the Nullarbor straight?

From here drive the 90 Mile Straight, which at 147 kilometres (91 miles) is one of the world’s longest stretches of straight road (don’t forget to take a photo at the iconic wildlife road sign).

Which track has the longest straight?

Baku is the newest circuit for 2016 and has the joint longest straight.

The Longest Straights in F1.

Track Straight Length with Kink (m)
Interlagos 900
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