What is the average size of a man in the UK?

What is the average sized man?

How much does the average American man weigh? The average American man 20 years old and up weighs 197.9 pounds . The average waist circumference is 40.2 inches, and the average height is just over 5 feet 9 inches (about 69.1 inches) tall.

What is the average weight of a man UK?

In general the average weight of an adult man in the UK is 13st 3lb (83.9 kilos).

What is considered tall in the UK?

Overview Of What Is Tall In Countries Around The World

The Netherlands average height is 6 feet, so a man 6’2” would be considered tall. United Kingdom and Canada average height is 5 feet and 10 inches, so a man 6′ tall would be tall.

What UK size is mens small?


Global Size UK EU
Small 8-10 36-38
Medium 12 40
Large 14-16 42-44
X-Large 18 46

Is UK 16 A large?

In the wake of the story, YouGov asked what size of women’s clothing Brits consider to be the equivalent of a “large”. … Among those with an opinion, 40% of Brits consider size 16 – the average woman’s clothes size – the equivalent of a “large”.

What’s the average height for a man in the UK?

In the UK, the average height of a man – according to the Office of National Statistics – is 5ft 9in (175.3cm) and a woman is 5ft 3in (161.6cm). This means men just below national average are the most lusted after as are women slightly above the national average.

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What is the perfect male chest size?

Thick upper chest (10-12″ wider than waist)

Example: For a 5′ 10″ tall guy, a chest measurement of about 42-45″ is ideal, assuming a lean and tight waist in the low 30″ range. How to get a well-developed chest & upper chest: Build strength on the incline bench press to really target the upper chest and shoulders.

What is the average salary in UK?

The survey found the average UK salary for full-time employees was £31,461 for the tax year ending 5 April 2020, up 3.6% on the previous year.