What is the 5th largest city in UK?

What is the top 10 biggest city in UK?

United Kingdom – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 London , England 7,556,900
2 Birmingham , England 984,333
3 Liverpool , England 864,122
4 Sheffield , England 685,368

What are the 20 biggest cities in England?

The largest city in United Kingdom is London, with a population of 7,556,900 people.


Name 2021 Population
London 7,556,900
Birmingham 984,333
Liverpool 864,122
Nottingham 729,977

Is Sheffield the 4th largest city in England?

England’s fourth largest city, with a population of over 569,000 and an economy worth over £11.3bn, Sheffield’s economy is a driving force for a City Region of over 1.8m people.

What are the 4 capital cities of the UK?

Which is bigger Leeds or Manchester?

well said, Leeds is far bigger than Manchester (city of) 4 times bigger in area, and 5 times bigger than Newcastle upon Tyne and although Birmingham has a bigger population within its city boundaries, Leeds is more than twice the size of it.

Is Plymouth bigger than Exeter?

The largest settlement in Devon is the city and unitary authority of Plymouth with a population of 256,720, whereas the smallest settlement was the town and civil parish of Beer with a population of 1,317.

List of towns and cities in Devon by population.

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2011 rank 2
Town/city Exeter
2011 population 117,773
2001 population 111,076
Increase since 2001 5.7%

Is Birmingham or Manchester bigger?

Based on population within actual city boundaries the City of Birmingham, the most populous local government district in Europe, is substantially larger than the City of Manchester, which is the fifth largest in the UK (2006 estimates, see List of English districts by population).

What’s the largest city?