What is a proper adjective in English?

What is a meaning of proper adjective?

: an adjective that is formed from a proper noun and that is usually capitalized in English.

How do you identify proper adjectives?

Proper adjective is a word that modifies nouns and pronouns and is formed from a proper noun. A proper noun is the specific name used for any person, place, or thing. Proper adjectives typically look like their original proper nouns but have some sort of alternative ending in order to make them adjectives.

What is a proper adjective give five examples?

Alex is an Australian player. Robin is an Indian player. Sushi is an Asian player. I love Chinese food.

What are the possessive adjectives in English?

The possessive adjectives that are used in the English language are: my, your, our, its, her, his, and their; each one corresponds to a subject pronoun.

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