What happened in the UK in 1690?

What major events happened in 1690?

1690 (1689-1763). The series of wars known as the French and Indian War begins with King William’s War. Schenectady, N. Y. and other areas are burned by French and Native Americans; Massachusetts colonists capture Port Royal, Nova Scotia; and Canadian forces destroy Casco, Maine.

What was happening in England in the early 1600s?

1605 England and Scotland – on 5 November, the Gunpowder plot is uncovered, in which Guy Fawkes and other catholic associates attempted to blow up the king, James VI and I and the Parliament of England. 1640 England – The Long Parliament summoned. 1666 England – The Great Fire of London ravages the city, 2–5 September.

Who defeated William of Orange?

The ensuing battle, known as the Battle of the Boyne, is arguably the most famous event in Irish history, due to its symbolic Catholic/Protestant confrontation. In the event, William won the battle losing 400 men to James’ 1,300.

What was happening in 1675?

On September 9, 1675, the New England Confederation declared war against “King” Philip and his followers. A week later, around 700 Nipmuc Indians ambushed a militia group escorting a wagon train of colonists. Almost all colonists and militia were killed in the fighting, known as the Battle of Bloody Brook.

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Who was the last Stuart king?

In total, nine Stewart/Stuart monarchs ruled Scotland alone from 1371 until 1603, the last of which was James VI, before his accession in England.

House of Stuart.

Stuart Stewart
Founder Robert II of Scotland (1371–1390)
Final ruler Anne, Queen of Great Britain (1702–1714)
Titles show List
Dissolution 1807

What was happening in England in 1610?

5 April – Parliament assembles for the first time since 1610 and debates the imposition of taxes by the King. 7 June – King James dissolves the Addled Parliament for refusing to impose new taxes. June – King James raises money through a Benevolence; non-contributors are arraigned before the Court of Star Chamber.

What happened in the year 1604?

In 1604, a group of English Catholics, angered by James I’s failure to relax the penal laws against their co-religionists, hatched a plot to blow up the king and parliament by igniting gunpowder barrels concealed in a vault beneath the building. The plot was discovered before it could be carried out.

What happened in the 1700s in England?

Events. 27 February – the island of New Britain is discovered by William Dampier in the western Pacific. early March – William Congreve’s comedy The Way of the World is first performed at the New Theatre, Lincoln’s Inn Fields. 25 March – Treaty of London signed between France, England and Holland.