What does Van mean in English?

What is the same meaning of van?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for van, like: small truck, caravan, avant-garde, trailer, wagon, vanguard, den, camper, vehicle, new-wave and r-van.

Does van mean front?

van, n. the front: the front of an army or a fleet: the leaders of any movement. [Abbrev. of vanguard.]

Which is an example for van?

The definition of a van is a closed truck that carries people, animals or things. An example of a van is the vehicle used to pick up riders at an airport. (chiefly british) A closed railroad car used for carrying baggage or freight. To transport by van.

What does the name Van mean in Vietnamese?

Vân (雲) means “cloud” in Vietnamese and Văn (文) means “knowledge, culture” in Sino-Vietnamese (Chinese). Lastly, Van is the Dutch word for “of/descended from” used in surnames like Dutch born artist Vincent van Gogh and famed guitarist Eddie van Halen.

What does Van Dijk mean in Dutch?

Van Dyck or Vandyck is a Dutch toponymic surname meaning “from (the) dike”, originally written Van Dijck.

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What is another name for vans?

What is another word for van?

camper caravan
truck cart
vehicle waggonUK
wagonUS lorry
juggernaut HGV

What is another name for van?


  • camper.
  • caravan.
  • truck.

What does van mean in Russian?

van (also: avant-garde, vanguard, advance-guard) фургон {m}

What does van mean in German?

Both von and van are prefixes on a surname which means “of” or “from.” In the early days, most surnames are derived from different areas. … First, von is German in origin. It has been used by all members of the noble families in German countries until the Middle Ages.

What do you mean by VAN what makes it so different and important from others?

A value-added network (VAN) is used by businesses to exchange information among each other. The main goal of a VAN is to facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI) between businesses. … Hence, the name value-added network. A VAN is a closed network, which means that only members of the network can access the data.