What does the British word bloke mean?

Is bloke an insult?

Bloke, should not be offensive to anyone, it is simply(In English) a slang term for a man… And means nothing derogatory at all.

What is bloke in American English?

bloke in American English

(blouk) noun. chiefly Brit informal. man; fellow; guy.

Is bloke a British term?

noun Chiefly British Informal. man; fellow; guy.

What is a female bloke?

A “bloke” is a male. … The female equivalent of a bloke is a sheila, though you would only use this word if you wanted to be self-consciously Austrayan (Australian).

What is the origin of bloke?

The origin is Shelta, a language used by the Welsh gypsies. … “Bloke” is a slang term for “man,” much like “guy” or “dude.” It is primarily used in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and is believed to derive from Shelta.

What is a geyser in British slang?

In the US, “geyser” is pronounced GUY-zer and has one meaning, a bubbling hot spring that erupts periodically. But in British English, it has two meanings; a “geyser” can be a hot spring or a water heater. And for both senses of the word, most British speakers rhyme it with “geezer.”

What’s a posh bloke?

informal term for an upper-class or wealthy person.

What are males called in Australia?

Fella. Bloke. Dude.

How do you use a bloke?

a man who is (usually) old and/or eccentric.

  1. Hutson is a small, chirpy bloke.
  2. He’s an ordinary bloke, despite being famous.
  3. While we were talking, a bloke came up.
  4. She had a strange conversation with the bloke who’s moved in upstairs.
  5. He’s a dodgy bloke I wouldn’t trust him an inch.
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