What does Scottish Thistle look like?

What is Scottish thistle used for?

Scotch thistle is a plant. It is used as medicine. People use Scotch thistle for cancer, ulcers, fever, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. Be careful not to confuse Scotch thistle with similar sounding natural medicines such as milk thistle or Scotch broom.

Is Scottish thistle the same as bull thistle?

Scotch thistle can be confused with bull thistle (Cirsium vulgaris), which is also sometimes called “Scotch thistle” and is much more common in western Washington. Scotch thistle is more densely covered with white hairs, tends to be taller, and the stems have “wings” along the entire length, unlike bull thistle.

What is a thistle plant look like?

Look for mostly hairless, green and oblong leaves that have edges with spine-tipped lobes to spot the yellow thistle (Cir. horridulum). The yellow thistle has thick, hairy, 2- to 5-foot stems and buff-yellow to reddish-purple flower heads that sit atop a whorl of spiny leaves.

What kills Scotch thistle?

Herbicides. Herbicide control can be very effective and is an essential part of the overall management of these thistles. When there is a low density of thistles spot spraying or chipping is preferred.

Is Scotch thistle an annual?

Scotch thistle is an erect annual or biennial herb growing to 2m high and reproducing by seed and root pieces.

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Why are thistles bad for farmers?

Why variegated thistle matters

If left unchecked, it can form very large infestations, choking out valuable pasture species as well as weeds. In such dense infestations, it can form impenetrable stands and provide shelter for pest species such as rabbits. Variegated thistle is poisonous under certain conditions.