What does jumper mean in Scotland?

Why do British say jumper?

worn over a blouse or jumper.”) The term “jumper,” when it first appeared in English in the mid-19th century, was applied to the sort of shapeless jacket worn by artists and workmen, what we might call a “smock.” The extended “dress” sense of the word dates to the 1930s, and the all-in-one infant’s “jumper” garment …

What is a jumper in USA?

In the USA, a jumper is a shoulder-to-thigh girl’s dress, whereas in the UK a jumper is a knitted garment worn over a shirt or tee by either sex.

What is a jumper in Canada?

A jumper is a kangaroo.

What is jumper slang for?

In British English, the term jumper describes what is called a sweater in American English. … In American English, pinafore always refers to an apron. A sundress, like a jumper, is sleeveless and collarless; however, such articles are not worn over a blouse or sweater, and are of distinctly different cuts and fashions.

What qualifies as a jumper?

A sweater (North American English) or pullover, also called a jumper (British English and Australian English), is a piece of clothing, typically with long sleeves, made of knitted or crocheted material, that covers the upper part of the body. When sleeveless, the garment is often called a slipover or sweater vest.

What is a romper in England?

noun [ plural ] /ˈrɑːm.pɚz/ uk. /ˈrɒm.pəz/ (also romper suit) a single piece of clothing consisting of a top part and pants worn by babies and very young children.

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What is a jumper in Australia?

Following on from a recent question, in Australia we have the word jumper for a knitted long-sleeved garment, typically woollen and long-sleeved. When cosuming foreign media I always assumed the terms pullover and sweater were the names of the same garment in either Britain or America but was never clear.

What is the English meaning of jumper?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a person who jumps. 2 : jump shot. 3 : any of several jumping animals especially : a saddle horse trained to jump obstacles.