What does Craig mean in Scottish place names?

What does Craig mean in Scotland?

The Scottish surname CRAIG is derived from the Middle English Gaelic word creag, crag, carraig, or gragg meaning “rocky hill”. It describes hazardous, steep, rugged rock which marked the terrain where a man lived.

How popular is the name Craig in Scotland?

The name Craig was the 154 most popular baby boys name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Statistics.) It is a popular name in the English speaking nations.

What is Craig in Irish?

Answer. Craig in Irish is Creag. Listen to the pronunciation of Creag. The meaning of Creag is From near the crag.

What does Craig mean in Hebrew?

From the Hebrew name הֶבֶל (Hevel) meaning “breath”. Meaning of the name Veronica. English. Analysis, gender of Craig, Craig Name Statistics, Acrostic Poem About Craig other details; What Does Craig Mean and History?

What is the Craig tartan?

Craig is named after the topograhical feature cliff or crag. The most noted family is the Craigs of Riccarton (1538) although the name is recorded throughout Scotland, in particular Edinburgh, Bewickshire and Aberdeenshire.The tartan was designed in 1957.

What is a nickname for Craig?

Nickname – Craig Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Craig – craigy, Craigslist, crap bucket, Crai Crai, Craigers, Craigyboy.

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Is Craig a good name?

The simple yet powerful one-syllable name eventually displayed strong cross-over appeal in all English-speaking countries throughout the 1900s. However, today, in the 21st century, Craig is declining in popularity among all nations, even including Scotland. It’s no longer quite as common as it once was.

Is the name Craig dying out?

Craigs, in particular, are becoming an endangered species: only 25 boys were given the name in 2017, compared with 705 in 1996 – a fall of 97%.

Is Craig a Catholic name?

The name has two origins. In some cases it can originate from a nickname, derived from the Scottish Gaelic word creag, meaning “rock,” similar to Peter. In other cases, the given name originates from the Scottish surname Craig, which is also derived from the same Scottish Gaelic word.

Craig (given name)

Cognate(s) Craig (surname)

What’s a Craig?

Scottish: topographic name for someone who lived near a steep or precipitous rock, from Gaelic creag, a word that has been borrowed in Middle English as crag(g). Similar surnames: Craik, Craigo, Cragg, Craigen, Frain, Cain, Rain, Crail, Crans, Cail.

How common is the last name Craig?

In the United States, the name Craig is the 288th most popular surname with an estimated 94,506 people with that name.