What did the Puritans clothing look like?

Did the Puritans wear bright clothing?

So, working class Puritans would have dressed plainly and in drab colors, because that was what they could afford and what others of their station wore. Wealthier Puritans or those of higher ranking could afford brightly-colored cloth and lace or other trimmings, so they wore clothing made from these.

What colors did the Puritans wear?

The Puritans have often been depicted wearing simple black and white, but for them, the color “black” was itself considered too bold for regular use and was reserved for community elders and for highly formal occasions such as when having one’s portrait painted.

What type of clothes did the Puritans wear?

Most Puritans dressed in brown or indigo because brown vegetable and indigo dyes were plentiful. They wore other colors as well. Clothes were cut in austere, form-fitting styles and made from cotton or wool. The Puritans also wore leather and fur clothing since these materials were cheap, abundant and warm.

What was Puritan fashion?

Puritans advocated a conservative form of fashionable attire, characterized by sadd colors and modest cuts. Gowns with low necklines were filled in with high-necked smocks and wide collars. Married women covered their hair with a linen cap, over which they might wear a tall black hat.

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Did the Puritans wear jewelry?

Jewelry was small and modest when it was worn at all, although on special occasions pearls were acceptable, especially in the hair. Women tended to wear a white apron over their dress. … But it was unacceptable for Puritan women to have their heads uncovered, so hair was worn under a simple cap.

Did Puritans wear corsets?

One law decreed how long and wide a woman’s sleeve should be. … The basic items of clothing worn by women during the 17th century were an undershirt, known as a shift, a corset, and long petticoats. Her outer clothing consisted of either a gown or a waistcoat (fitted jacket) and a skirt.

Did Puritans wear earrings?

The answer is no. Pilgrims believed self-adornment was ungodly.

What did apothecaries wear?

The apothecary is wearing a flat head-dress lifted up in the back, a doublet with puff-sleeves and puff-cuffs, a skirt with four rounded off flaps – perhaps a working-apron – and long stockings.