What did people bury in the Great Fire of London?

What did Samuel Pepys bury ks1?

Many people left London, taking their possessions with them. Others buried items to keep them safe, including Pepys who buried his cheese and wine in his garden.

Why did Pepys and his friends dig holes in the ground?

Pepys rescued a cheese from the Great Fire

It is September 1666, and Pepys is in a panic. The disaster later known as the Great Fire is consuming London at an alarming rate. Terrified that he might have to abandon his most valuable possessions to the flames, he dashes outside and digs a hole.

Did Robert Hubert start the Great Fire London?

Robert Hubert (c. 1640 – 27 October 1666) was a watchmaker from Rouen, France, who was executed following his false confession of starting the Great Fire of London.

Where was Samuel Pepys buried?

Where did Samuel Pepys think that the fire had begun *?

In a diary kept from 1659 to 1669, a naval administrator and member of parliament named Samuel Pepys recounted the events of the Great Fire of London. The fire began at a bakery on Pudding Lane on September 2, 1666, and raged for three days, burning down over 13,000 houses and many buildings.

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