What birds of prey do you get in Scotland?

Do you get peregrine falcons in Scotland?

The white-tailed eagle

Perhaps more? Although perhaps most famous for its peregrine falcon, it may surprise you to know that Scotland is home to more than 20 varieties of bird of prey.

Does Scotland have buzzards?

The common buzzard is now likely to be the commonest raptor in Scotland. … Buzzards are largely absent as a breeding species in the high montane areas. The Scottish population of common buzzards is estimated to be 15,000-20,000 breeding pairs compared to a British population of c44,000-61,000 breeding pairs.

What is a peregrine falcon look like?

Peregrine falcons have slate and blue-gray wings. They have black bars on their backs and pale underbellies. They have white faces with a black stripe on each cheek and large, dark eyes. Feather color doesn’t change seasonally.

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