What are the factors responsible for the rise of modern English?

What kind of products did the colonist make?

What factors influence the rise of Modern English?

The new factors were the printing press, the rapid spread of popular education, the increased communication and means of communication, the growth of specialized knowledge, and the emergence of various forms of self-consciousness about language.

What caused the change from Old English to Modern English?

Viking invasions further influenced Old English vocabulary. The period of Modern English begins with the invention of the printing press in the 1400s. The development of printing brought with it a desire to also develop a “standardized variety” of English.

What factors have changed the English language?

Here are some of the primary ways:

  • Trade and migration. As cultures interact, mix and trade, language shifts to accommodate these changes. …
  • Technology and new inventions. New words and phrases are also invented to describe things that didn’t exist before. …
  • Old words acquiring new meanings.

How did Modern English develop?

The evolution of spoken English began from the fifth century, with waves of attack and eventual occupation by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians. They spoke the same West Germanic tongue but with different dialects. Their intermingling created a new Germanic language; now referred to as Anglo-Saxon, or Old English.

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How has technology changed the English language?

The influence of technology and internet on modern English language is clearly seen and touched in various ways and means. First, it adds lots of “jargon vocabulary”. Second, it provides meaning to existing words and terms, such as the meaning of ‘mouse’ and ‘keyboard’ and so on.

What are the factors that affect language use in the society?

Class, ethnicity, and gender are three social factors that play a role in language variation. Class is the structure of relationships between groups where people are classified based on their education, occupation, and income.

Who are the founders of the modern English essay as well as modern English prose?

Touted as the father of modern English by his contemporaries and later (even modern) critics, Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) remains one of the essential medieval writers that still has prevalence in our literary culture today.