What are Aquariums called in the UK?

Whats the best aquarium in UK?

Water World: The best aquarium in the UK near you

  • SEA LIFE Brighton, East Sussex. …
  • Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park, Dorset. …
  • National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham, West Midlands. …
  • Bristol Aquarium, Bristol. …
  • Anglesey Sea Zoo, Llanfairpwllgwyngyll. …
  • The Deep, Hull. …
  • Lake District Coast Aquarium, Cumbria. …
  • Oceanarium, Bournemouth.

How many aquariums are there in the UK?

All of the 12 UK-based Sea Life aquariums, including the two Sea Life seal sanctuaries located in Scotland and Cornwall (Oban and Gweek respectively), were visited as part of a six-month investigation carried out by CAPS between July 2013 and February 2014.

What is the English plural of aquarium?

noun. aquar·​i·​um | ə-ˈkwer-ē-əm plural aquariums or aquaria ə-​ˈkwer-​ē-​ə

Are aquariums open in UK?

AQUARIUMS and other indoor attractions have been closed for months as UK endured a third lockdown. But as Boris Johnson’s four-part Covid roadmap has been passed by Parliament, Brits will be able to enjoy more and more freedoms as the weeks go on before the plan expires at the end of July.

What aquariums have sharks in the UK?

National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth

The colossal Atlantic Ocean display tank is the biggest in Britain, with over 2.5 million litres serving as a home to a diverse community of sharks, rays and reef fish that originate from the second largest ocean in the world.

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What aquaria means?

Definition of ‘aquaria’

1. a tank, bowl, or pool in which aquatic animals and plants are kept for pleasure, study, or exhibition. 2. a building housing a collection of aquatic life, as for exhibition.