Were British WW2 tanks any good?

What was the most reliable tank in ww2?

M4 Sherman Tank. The Sherman tank was the most commonly used American tank in World War II. More than 50,000 Shermans were produced between 1942 and 1945. They were used in all combat theaters—not only by the United States, but also by Great Britain, the Free French, China, and even the Soviet Union.

Why were German tanks so good?

The German 88 is more powerful than any American tank gun used during the course of most of the war. The German tank is much heavier and therefore its armor is much thicker than that of any American tank. The tracks of the former are much wider, with perhaps a less vulnerable suspension system than that of the latter.

Why did tanks fail to break the stalemate?

Why did tanks fail to break the stalemate? The first tanks did not work properly. How was the Eastern Front similar to the Western Front? … The Eastern Front shifted over more area than the Western Front, with less trench warfare and even more casualties.

What tank killed the most tanks?

While plenty of incredible tanks faced off during WWII, the one with the highest number of kills against the Allies was the Sturmgeschutz III – AKA the Stug III.

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Is the Centurion tanks still in service?

South Africa deployed its Centurions in Angola during the South African Border War. The Centurion became one of the most widely used tank designs, equipping dozens of armies around the world, with some still in service until the 1990s.

Centurion (tank)

In service 1946–present (derivatives still in service)