Was the Puritan experiment successful?

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What are two outcomes of the Puritan experiment?

King Charles gave the Puritans a right to settle and govern a colony in the Massachusetts Bay area. The colony established political freedom and a representative government.

Why was the Puritans colony so successful?

The Puritans were initially successful because they came over in family units. These people were actually skilled tradesmen in England before they left for the Netherlands and finally New England—they had building skills and could farm. Part of the Puritan faith was that God favors the successful.

What was the Puritan view on achieving success?

Am I One of the Elect? To the Puritans, a person by nature was wholly sinful and could achieve good only by severe and unremitting discipline. Hard work was considered a religious duty and emphasis was laid on constant self-examination and self-discipline.

What type of experiment did the Puritans want to put in place in England?

The Puritan colonies of New England were a “holy experiment” in an attempt to purify their faith. They did not allow anyone to question their faith or practices, and there were no outside influences from other religions.

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Why did the Puritan experiment fail?

The Puritan experiment was a society united in their faith and community. It worked while the majority of the people had a personal belief and faith. As the children of the Puritans moved away from the faith of their ancestors, the experiment weakened.

How did the Puritans influence America politically?

the Puritans as a political entity largely disappeared, but Puritan attitudes and ethics continued to exert an influence on American society. They made a virtue of qualities that made for economic success—self-reliance, frugality, industry, and energy—and through them influenced modern social and economic life.

What did the Puritans accomplish?

Puritans were English Protestants who were committed to “purifying” the Church of England by eliminating all aspects of Catholicism from religious practices. English Puritans founded the colony of Plymouth to practice their own brand of Protestantism without interference.

How did the Puritans influence New England colonies?

The morals and ideals held by Puritans between 1630 and 1670 influenced the social development of the colonies by putting into practice a series of rules, which our own founding fathers would use to create the political structure of the New England colonies.

What kind of society did the Puritans hope to establish?

up their ideal society—a religious “common- wealth” of tightly-knit communities. Instead of a church governed by bishops and king, they created self-governing congregations.

What were the three values the Puritans depended on for living loving and success?

Puritan Influence on America

They made a virtue of qualities that made for economic success—self-reliance, frugality, self-discipline, industry—and through them influenced modern social and economic life.

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What kind of freedom did the Puritans want?

The Puritans were seeking freedom, but they didn’t understand the idea of toleration. They came to America to find religious freedom—but only for themselves. They had little tolerance or even respect for the Pequot Indians, who lived in nearby Connecticut and Rhode Island. They called them heathens.