Quick Answer: Which was a result of the Norman French conquest of England?

What was the result of the Norman conquest of England quizlet?

The Norman Conquest of England in 1066 may be the single most important event in the history of the English language. … In 1066 King Edward the Confessor died childless. … To adequately reward his vassals, William eliminated much of the English nobility and replaced them with Norman (i.e., French-speaking) nobles.

What was the impact of the Normans in England?

The Norman conquerors and their descendants, who controlled England for centuries, had a huge impact on our laws, land ownership and system of government which is still felt today. They invaded and colonised England and organised the fastest and deepest transfer of land and wealth in the country’s history.

What was a result of the Hundred Years War quizlet?

The Hundred Years’ War was fought between England and France. The French king named his daughter’s oldest son the heir to the throne of France rather than his nephew. … France became a united country as a result of the war.

Who was England’s king during the Norman invasion quizlet?

William the Conqueror

He became King of England in 1066 following his invasion from France, uniting most of Britain under his rule.

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