Quick Answer: What year did Good Morning Britain start?

What was Good Morning Britain called before?

The programme was replaced on Monday 28 April 2014 by Good Morning Britain, reprising the title of a previous ITV’s early-morning programme.

ITV Breakfast.

First air date 1 January 1993 (as GMTV) 6 September 2010 (as Daybreak) 28 April 2014 (as Good Morning Britain)
Owner ITV plc
Former names GMTV

When did morning TV start in the UK?

17 January 1983 at 06:30, and television history was made – Breakfast Time, Europe’s first regular morning television service was launched.

Who was the first presenters of GMTV?

GMTV Today

The original presenters were Eamonn Holmes, and Lorraine Kelly. Kelly was replace Anthea Turner in 1994, but left in December 1996.

Where is Richard Arnold these days?

Richard Andrew Arnold (born 24 November 1969) is an English television presenter, currently working as a freelance journalist and he is the Entertainment Editor for ITV’s breakfast show Good Morning Britain.

What was this morning called before?

History. In 1988, ITV decided to create a live daytime morning programme and five regional ITV companies made pilot shows to bid for the national contract: Television South offered a show called Home Today, hosted by Andy Craig and Fern Britton.

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