Quick Answer: Is Queen Elizabeth II related to Alfred the Great?

Is the royal family descended from Alfred the Great?

The current queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, is the 32nd great-granddaughter of King Alfred the Great, so I want to give you all a little bit of background on him. He was the first effective King of England, all the way back in 871. … King Alfred the Great ruled England from 871-899.

Is anyone related to Alfred the Great?

A man from Amesbury says he has traced his family tree back to King Alfred the Great. If his theory is correct it means he is the 34th grandson of England’s first king, and his 89-year-old uncle is one generation closer to King Alfred than the current Queen. …

How far can the Queen trace her ancestry?

On 21st April, 2016, HM Queen Elizabeth II turns 90. She is descended from many illustrious figures, and can trace her ancestry back to Charlemagne, Hugh Capet, William the Conqueror, St Louis IX, the Emperor Maximilian I, and the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, amongst others.

Is Queen Elizabeth descended from Alfred?

Is Queen Elizabeth II really directly descended from Alfred the Great? She is the 32nd great granddaughter of King Alfred who 1,140 years ago was the first effective King of England. He ruled from 871 to 899.

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Is William the Conqueror related to Alfred the Great?

No, William the Conqueror was not related to Alfred the Great. Alfred the Great was a Saxon while William the Conqueror was a Norman, two different…

How many descendants does William the Conqueror have?

The first being that about 5 million people are descended from William the Conqueror so establishing myself as the true heir to the British throne could be tricky. By far the most disturbing fact to emerge, though, is that Margaret Croft, my times 11 great-grandmother was also David Cameron’s times 19 great-aunt.