Quick Answer: How much is the life in the UK test?

How much does it cost to pass Life in the UK Test?

You must score 75% or more to pass the test. You’ll get a ‘unique reference number’.

Is life in UK test hard?

The Life in the UK test can be very difficult. The syllabus covers all aspects of British history and condenses it down into 24 questions with a 45-minute time limit. These questions are completely random and you need 75% correct answers to pass the test.

How do I pay for Life in the UK Test?

The only way to book your Life in the UK test is through the government’s website. You’ll need to do this and pay the fee at least 3 days in advance. You’ll need an accepted form of ID, such as a valid passport, photo travel document, biometric residence permit or card.

Is Life in the UK Test free?

This website is designed to help you PASS the Life in the UK Test easily. We have carefully selected all our questions from the Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents: 3rd edition Handbook used for the 2021 Life in the UK exam. And it is completely FREE!

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What happens if I fail Life in UK test?

If you fail the Life in the UK Test you can take it again. You can take the test over and over again until you pass. But each attempt at passing the test does cost you time and money. You can still live in the United Kingdom even if you fail the test until your Leave to Remain expires.

Is Life in the UK Test multiple choice?

What happens during the test? The test is computer-based and lasts 45 minutes. You will have to answer 24 multiple choice questions about British customs, traditions, laws and the political system. You have to answer at least 18 questions correctly to pass – ie a pass mark of 75%.

Which book should I buy for life in UK test?

Official Guide for New Residents book

The Official Life in the United Kingdom – A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition) handbook is the current guide and covers all the essential knowledge you need to pass your test in 2021.

How much is life in the UK 2020?

You need to take the test as part of your application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK. You must book your Life in the UK Test online at least 3 days in advance. It costs £50. There are over 30 test centres in the UK.

Do you get certificate for life in UK test?

Upon passing the life in the UK test, you will receive a pass certificate. This certificate has no expiry date, and can be used for all future applications.

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How much is English test for citizenship?

You’ll need to pass a speaking and listening test at an approved centre – you can find a secure English language test provider on GOV.UK. The test costs around £150. Tests are usually valid for 2 years – if you’ve already done a test, you can check your English language test is still valid on GOV.UK.

Do I need life in UK test for ILR?

The Life in the UK Test is mandatory for individuals applying for UK Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). As well as passing the Life in the UK test, ILR eligibility criteria require you to also have a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 CEFR level or higher, or equivalent.