Quick Answer: How much is London Eye worth?

Who owns the London Eye?

How much did it cost to build the London Eye?

It took seven years and £75 million to build the London Eye. Construction started in 1998 and the main components of the attraction were built off site and shipped to the construction side where the wheel was assembled.

Does the London Eye make a profit?

T he London Eye is officially the capital’s biggest ever tourism “money-spinner”, with record profits of more than £29 million last year. More than 3.5 million people paid between £10 and £29.70 for a “flight” in one of the wheel’s capsules, boosting profits by almost a fifth, according to the latest financial figures.

How safe is the London Eye?

Those capsules are built strong and sturdy. Although they are mostly glass, you will see that the construction is very secure. There is NO WAY you are going to fall out of one. You will be safe.

Can you see France from the London Eye?

The London Eye provides excellent views of the city, but be sure to time your visit accordingly so that you’re not shooting photos into the mid afternoon sun.

Does the London Eye stop letting people go?

Unlike a Ferris wheel, the London eye does not stop to let in or let out passengers, instead, it rotates at a slow speed enough to allow the passengers to get in and out while on the ground level.

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