Quick Answer: Can I ship chocolate from US to UK?

Can I ship chocolate to the UK?

The only chocolate we don’t recommend you send is hand-made chocolate or chocolate that has no air-tight packaging; no clear expiry date (allow 6 months); and no label on the chocolate stating what ingredients are in it. (this is because of customs regulations!).

Can you mail chocolate internationally?

Buy chocolates and ship them yourself. The USPS and specialty carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, offer international shipping. You can send the chocolates using any of those carriers and have them delivered to your international destination.

Can you send food from USA to UK?

All food products must be adequately packaged to be accepted for import. Frozen food cannot be accepted. The UK brokerage should be contacted prior to shipping for general advising. … Commodities subject to import controls at a DPE can t be imported with UPS.

How can I send chocolate overseas without melting?

Before sending chocolate in the mail, use food-safe candy packaging to keep your sweets safe. Then, once individually taken care of, cushion and box your package in a larger shipping container. When you’re picking out your shipping container, make sure it’s large enough for cushioning, a cold pack, and your chocolates.

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Is it safe to send chocolate through the mail?

However, chocolate is not a good gift to send in the mail. The melting point for most types of chocolate is 86 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit (lower than body temperature), this means there is a good chance that if you mail chocolate overseas or even within the US, it will not arrive in the condition you sent it.

Can I ship snacks to UK?

When it comes to sending food items abroad via courier, the rules are relatively simple: You cannot send any food items that are classed as perishables (things that can go off or that can spoil during transit). This is the most important rule of all, and as long as you stick to this rule, you will be just fine.

Will M&M’s melt in the mail?

Any product whose main ingredient is chocolate, such as Brach’s Chocolate Stars, Chocolate Cigars, Chocolate Coins, Coconut Bon Bons, Colorworks M&M’s, Malted Milk Balls, or Misty Mints, will be damaged if exposed to hot temperatures.

Can I ship snacks internationally?

Perishable items are illegal to ship to a foreign country. … While any store-bought items that aren’t perishable can ship from the U.S., there may be restrictions from the country receiving them. You can’t ship homemade foods.

Can you send Cadbury chocolate to America?

Sending food – any food – to the USA requires the sender to fill in all sorts of paperwork to get prior approval from US Customs. However, US Customs have agreed not to enforce this law for personal gifts of things like chocolate.

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Can you post chocolate?

Since chocolate is a food item, it’s categorised as perishable goods. Take note of the weather conditions during your estimated shipping week so that you can decide whether or not it’s a good day to ship. For instance, if it’s unusually hot out, it’s not advisable for you to send the chocolates since it may melt.

Can you send biltong to the UK?

The habit of packing some prime biltong in your suitcase as a gift for your homesick friends and family in the UK will soon be a thing of the past if the British government has its way. … They have launched a media campaign to warn visitors it is illegal to bring meat and animal products into the UK.

How do I avoid customs charges from USA to UK?

The best way to reduce import duties from USA on gifts you ship to the UK is to purchase and send goods that are not subject to a lot of tax. The UK government provides an informational list that shows products and their VAT rates. You have to pay attention to these VAT rates to reduce taxes to as low as possible.