Question: Why should I move to Northern Ireland?

Is Northern Ireland a good place to live?

Professional services firm PwC has found that Northern Ireland is the best place to live, compared with the rest of the UK, as people continue to trade cities for the countryside after a year spent at home.

Is it safe to move to Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is a complicated place, but it’s a generally safe and welcoming destination these days – just be mindful of talking about politics and religion. Many people have outdated perceptions of beautiful Northern Ireland, a country colored by grim memories of regular bombings up until the 1990s.

What is so special about Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is home to some of the best links golf in the world. As well as Royal Portrush, which hosted The 148th Open in 2019, there are other gems like Portstewart and the beautiful Royal County Down near the Mourne Mountains.

Is Northern Ireland cheap to live?

Despite low incomes, the north of Northern Ireland is quite an expensive place to live. Dual fuel costs are high at £1,850 per year – considerably higher than most places in the study.

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Is Northern Ireland poor?

The Bergin-McGuinness study found that poverty rates were considerably higher in Northern Ireland. Based on a poverty line of below 60 per cent of average household income, 15.9 per cent of individuals in the Republic were found to be at risk of relative poverty compared to 23.8 per cent in Northern Ireland.

Are English Safe in Northern Ireland?

Yes, English tourists are safe.

Is Belfast safe in 2021?

Is Belfast safe in 2021? Yes, for the most part Belfast is safe. However, like any large city, there are areas of Belfast to avoid, mainly after dark. Common sense is always needed.

Is Belfast nice to live?

Belfast has a few positives like excellent technology, cheap houses and reasonably good incomes, but due to things like its high cost of living and low employment statistics it still finds itself in the bottom half of our table of the best places to live in the UK, and has dropped a lot of places since 2013.

Is it cheaper to live in Northern Ireland than England?

Northern Ireland

These include Ballyhackamore in Belfast, Holywood, Newcastle, Portrush and Strangford. Housing is cheaper in Northern Ireland than many other areas of the UK with average prices of £155,050 according to the Built Environment Research Institute at Ulster University.

What are 5 interesting facts about Northern Ireland?

Country Facts

National Day: 17 March St Patrick’s Day
Currency: Pound Sterling (£)
Highest point: Slieve Donard mountain 848 m (2782 ft),
Longest river: River Bann 129 kilometres (80 miles)
Largest Lake: Lough Neagh – 151 square miles (392 km²) Also the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles
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Is Northern Ireland the smallest country in the UK?

Northern Ireland is the smallest country in the United Kingdom. It makes up part of the UK along with England, Scotland and Wales, but is situated on an island in Western Europe called Ireland.