Question: Who was in the England team against Maradona?

Who was in the England squad in 86?

sub (CF) 86

No. Name Age Total
1. Shilton, Peter L. 36 86
2. Stevens, M. Gary 23 14
3. Sansom, Kenneth G. 27 70
4. Hoddle, Glenn 28 38

Who were the England goalkeepers in the 86 World Cup?

England » Squad World Cup 1986 Mexico

1 Peter Shilton Southampton FC
13 Chris Woods Norwich City
12 Viv Anderson Arsenal FC

How far did England get in 1990 World Cup?

England lose the decisive penalty shoot-out 4-3 against West Germany in the World Cup semi-final. Gary Lineker, Peter Beardsley and David Platt scored the first three penalties for England, but Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle failed to convert their kicks, sending Bobby’s Robson’s team crashing out of the competition.

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