Question: Where can I go on a train in Ireland?

Can you travel by train in Ireland?

Train travel is generally the fastest way to get around the country. Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) (; 1850/366222 or 01/836-6222) operates the train services in Ireland. Most lines radiate from Dublin to other principal cities and towns.

Where can you go from Dublin by train?

From historic Cork to the Ring of Kerry, here are a few top destinations in Ireland to visit by train from Dublin.

  • Galway — 2.5 hours from Dublin. …
  • Belfast — 2.5 hours from Dublin. …
  • Cork — 3 hours from Dublin. …
  • Ring of Kerry — 4 hours from Dublin. …
  • Cliffs of Moher — 5 hours from Dublin.

Is it illegal to walk on train tracks in Ireland?

Irish Rail said the illegality of stepping onto its tracks is a permanent fixture as even an all out commuter rail strike doesn’t rule out the possibility of freight services or other unscheduled trains.

Is it easy to travel in Ireland by train?

However travelling by train is generally a comfortable way to see Ireland. For journeys between Dublin and Cork and Dublin and Tralee and points in between the train is generally faster than driving or taking the bus. … For other routes the train is generally about as fast a driving and a bit faster than the bus.

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How fast do trains go in Ireland?

The maximum speed of InterCity trains on the IÉ rail network is 160 km/h (100 mph).

Are trains expensive in Ireland?

Trains. Ireland: A ticket on our busiest inter-city route, Dublin Heuston to Cork Kent, is €19.99 if booked a few days in advance. A next-day single, however, is about €33. … Even accounting for the longer distance (330km v 260km), it’s more expensive than Dublin to Cork.

Where is the most comfortable place to sit on a train?

When choosing a seat on a train, try to get one in the center-most car, or one of the central cars. This will put you as far as possible from the most common points of issue for collisions or derailment, namely the front and end of the train. Also, when possible, sit in a rear-facing seat.

Is Ireland in Eurail?

The Eurail Ireland Pass is the best way to discover all the highlights of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Visit popular destinations like Dublin, Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway. Please note that on most Irish trains there is no class distinction.

Are trains running from Belfast to Dublin?

Is there a direct train from Belfast to Dublin? Yes, traveling between the majestic cities is very convenient, as there is a direct Enterprise train running between the cities.

Do train stations have security checks?

Security at US train stations is remarkably light compared to the nation’s airports: no metal detectors, no searches of carry-on luggage — no security checkpoints at all, in fact. … Currently, train passengers are subject to random (but rare) searches, and police and bomb-sniffing dogs do patrol railroad terminals.

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How do I report bad Behaviour on a train?

By reporting security incidents, unattended items or suspicious behaviour, you can help us respond to any immediate problems and make it safer for everyone. Call 000 or contact the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.