Question: When did England beat NZ?

How many times have England beaten New Zealand?

Of the 42 matches between them, New Zealand have won 33 and England 8, with one draw.

How many games have New Zealand won?

New Zealand has a 77 per-cent winning record in test-match rugby, and is the only international men’s side to have secured more wins than losses against every test opponent.

New Zealand national rugby union team.

World Rugby ranking
Lowest 3 (2003, 2019, 2020)
First international
Australia 3–22 New Zealand (Sydney, Australia; 15 August 1903)
Biggest win

What is the biggest win in rugby union?


Margin Team Score
128 New Zealand 145–17
98 New Zealand 101–3
England 111–13
95 New Zealand 108–13

What sports did NZ invent?

Bungee jumping and zorbing were both invented in New Zealand.

Why does New Zealand wear black?

The silver fern is significant, with black chosen for the jersey and cap as the colour that would best emphasise the fern. The Native team organizers may have had a much more pragmatic reason for choosing black. They were to tour Britain, playing England (white), Wales (red) and Ireland (green).

Who is the shortest all black?

5: At just 1.60 metres tall (5 foot 2) Alan ‘Ponty’ Reid is the shortest player to ever play for the All Blacks.

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What is the fastest try in rugby?

According to Guinness World Records, the fastest recorded try in a rugby union match is credited to Doncaster Knights’ winger Tyson Lewis, who scored after just 7.24 seconds against Old Albanians in a National Clubs Association (NCA) Rugby match in St. Albans in 2013.