Question: What is sitting room called in English?

What is a sitting room called?

You can also call a living room a lounge, a sitting room, a front room, or a parlor. It’s distinguished from other rooms in a house by what it’s used for. There’s the dining room for eating, the kitchen for cooking, and the bedroom for sleeping. The living room, on the other hand, is for relaxing.

What is a formal sitting room called?

A living room can also be called a lounge room, sitting room, formal living room, or parlor. Some countries refer to living rooms as front room. Traditionally, the living room is the first room you see when you enter a house.

What is the meaning of sitting room in English?

A sitting room is a room in a house where people sit and relax. [British]regional note: in AM, usually use living room. Synonyms: living room, lounge, drawing room, front room More Synonyms of sitting room.

Why is it called a sitting room?

The term was given to the space because it was mainly a place for sitting and talking to various people. They may be the members of the family or guests. The function of this space was to carry out various formal or informal social functions of the house.

What is the difference between Parlour and sitting room?

Specifically, “sitting room” and “parlor” have an old-fashioned feel to them, while “drawing room” has distinctly upper class associations, and “front room” is more typically working class (and maybe also old-fashioned too).

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What is a flex room?

A flex room is essentially an area in your house that can be customized and used for a number of different functions. Flex rooms are designed to be flexible and can be entire rooms or an area in your home that can be utilized in different ways throughout your time and life there.

What is a morning room?

: a sitting room for general family use especially during the day — compare drawing room.

Is sitting room hyphenated?

Senior Member. I always hyphenate living-room (and dining-room and [not that I ever use the term] sitting-room).